The actual entrance to Villa Vals is through the basement of the typical barn.

The entrance room has a billiard table and a wardrobe with heated ski boot holders (for 10 pairs) and is suitable for storing and drying ski clothes.


The Barn is connected by an underground tunnel over 20m long.


The rooms of Villa Vals are nested. In order to keep the underground buildin

g volume low, areas that require little height are placed on top of each other.

Living room

Entering the house from the tunnel opens a bright living room with a large window front to the terrace.


From the living room there are four steps down to the kitchen, which offers space for 10-12 people.

The equipment leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to an induction stove with five hobs, there is also an oven/microwave and an oven/steamer.

Of course, there is also a dishwasher. The kitchen is generously equipped with crockery and cutlery, so that it has enough even for large groups.

At the 3.5m long oak table, which was made especially for this house from a solid oak board, it is comfortable to sit, eat, discuss or play games.

On the way to the Spensa (pantry) there is an additional guest toilet on the left.

In the Spensa it has a large refrigerator and freezer as well as a washing machine and a dryer.

Lower bedroom

Separated from the kitchen by a large sliding door is a bedroom.

Equipped with a queen size bed and a cozy sitting area, this room also has its own en suite bathroom.

Middle room

An exciting room with a beautiful panoramic window.

On three different levels are the entrance, the kingsize bed and the bathroom. A Japanese staircase closet leads up to the bathroom. It is the only room with a bathtub as well as a shower.

Upper room

This room is located at the top of the house. Equipped with a king size bed and WC/shower.


Family room

This room can accommodate four people. In addition to the king size bed, it also has a bunk bed and, like all other bedrooms, a private bathroom.


The terrace of about 60m² invites you to linger. During the construction work a spring was discovered. This was tapped and feeds the fountain with the best drinking water. The water runs the whole year with 6 liters/min and 10°C. The hill above Villa Vals is a water protection area, because the sources of the famous Valser Wasser are not far from Villa Vals.

In the wood-fired hottub you can comfortably watch the mountain world or the starry sky.

Photography Iwan Stoecklin